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Premium Refund Initiative

What is the Premium Refund Initiative?

It has come to our attention that certain Condominium Associations are likely entitled to a substantial monetary recovery in windstorm-premium refunds arising out of the design and construction of your building or buildings. We intend to file a claim on your behalf and establish that your Association was overcharged for windstorm premiums. Our strategy for seeking this potential recovery for your Association is unique to Becker & Poliakoff and, to our knowledge, no other law firm has the legal knowledge or has ever attempted to pursue this theory of relief. We will perform this work, employing the extensive resources of our Firm and litigation attorneys, on a contingency basis at no cost to your Association for either our time or expenses. Only if we are successful in obtaining a premium refund for your Association will we expect to be paid for our services.

Our Team

3 Lead Attorneys

Jeremy C. Sahn

Allen M. Levine

Kenneth S. Direktor

Our team leaders are backed by the collective experience and knowledge of more than 100 Community Association and Litigation attorneys located throughout the state of Florida.

If you received an email or a letter from the firm, your association likely has a claim for a premium refund.

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